“R. B. Archipelago”

Now, clouds are formed when in the upper reaches of the sky ¶ Many floating bodies come together suddenly, ¶ Rather rough in texture, so that they can cling, despite ¶ The fact that bonds among the particles of cloud are slight. ¶ The seeds combine together to make cloudlings first, and these ¶ Catch onto one another, accumulating by degrees, ¶ And driven by the wind in racks, they gather in a swarm, ¶ Until the point when they build up into a raging storm.

“R. B. Archipelago.” Artists’ book by Mary MacDougall. Published by Co-Ed. 64 pages 1-color risograph print, 7 × 4.5 in. First edition, 2017: 120 copies. $16.00, in stock.

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