Cooperative Editions

In Print:

4—Chairs: The Furniture & Objets d’Art of Frasier (with N. Weltyk)
3—Missing Chicken (with N. Panzer)
2—New Age Erotic Fiction (with M. Cote, S. Danko, C. Hu, K. McNutt, I. New, N. O’Malley & M. Saienni)
1—Perfect Surface (with M. Iovino)

In Preparation:

5—Sunsets (with C. Perry & Molasses Books)
6—Projective Set (with Common Satisfactory Standard)
7—Perfect Surface Ⅱ (with M. Iovino)
8—WTC (with undisclosed participants)


Cooperative Editions is a moniker under which Nicholas Weltyk offers friends & authors assistance in the conceptual development, design, production, and publication of books.